High Assurance Crypto Solutions

Our Mission

We believe that privacy and end-to-end security are fundamental and a crucial piece for a modern and open society. Developing systems to achieve this is tremendously difficult and requires a lot of specialized domain knowledge, including cryptography.

The most crucial parts of these systems, including the cryptographic primitives and protocols, require formal verification in order to ensure safety and security. We help you to achieve this and establish trust in your systems.

Our mission is to provide services and software for high assurance cryptography in order to establish trust into your critical systems.

Custom Cryptography Solutions

We guide your company towards well-analyzed, modern cryptographic mechanisms and standards wherever possible. In order to deploy this approach, Cryspen provides a toolkit for verified, drop-in implementations of standardized cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

If a new cryptographic mechanism is needed, we can help design and analyze the mechanism before starting the implementation. New mechanisms and analyses are developed in close collaboration with the Prosecco team at INRIA Paris. Custom high-assurance implementations for new mechanisms can then be developed by Cryspen in collaboration with your in-house engineers.

About us

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